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alaclair ensemble

Gatineau's summer festival getaway is back for two weekends next month with live music, a swim-up bar, food trucks, and even a ferris wheel. Just two hours drive from Montreal, you can dip your toes in the sand and sip your drink from the pool at Festibière de Gatineau from July 20 - 23 and again from July 27 - 30.

This summer's festivities will feature performances by Montreal hip-hop collective Bran Van 3000, Sherbrooke-based electropop group Valaire, and Nova Scotian electro hip-hop duo Radio Radio. Also on the line-up are Alaclair Ensemble, Caracol, Laraw, Dude le Chansonnier, and Fred Gagnon.

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Photo Cred -PartyWithSylvain

Montreal, this is it. The weekend is right to your door and your nightlife opportunities have never been this good. Montreal venues and promoters have bangers from Thursday to Sunday for you. Grab your phone, gmail calendar or even a pencil if that's what you are into because you'll need to take notes for this. We make sure you guys have fun, the ''TURN UP typa fun''. Grab three coats or take a cab because even if it's freezing outside, MTL Blog knows where it will be hot hot hot this weekend.

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