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When thinking about ways to be more eco-friendly, there are some pieces of advice that are more familiar than others: turn off the lights at home, take shorter showers, hop on your bike or carpool. It should come as no surprise that there are plenty more opportunities to make greener choices every day.

For example, introducing more plant-based foods to your diet is a great way to help Mother Nature.

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If you're a single Montreal girl, you've probably already said something like, "Where do I meet decent guys?!?!" while stuffing your face with ice cream and pizza and wiping your tears. I have great news for you, girl! There are actually a bunch of places in Montreal where you can meet great guys that are sober, handsome and overall amazing. And I'm not talking about bars or clubs, obviously. I'm talking about Montreal spots that you wouldn't normally consider for these kinds of things... Romantic encounters are best done in daylight and, preferably, with no alcohol involved. That way, he'll look exactly the same the next day, if you know what I mean.

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Montreal loves art. Just look at the amazing sculptures, festivals and installations that happen on the regular. You can't deny it, and why would you even want to? Living in a city, rich in culture and spectacle, opens your eyes to the unknown. The only problem is that seeing all of these incredible things all the time, it can sometimes take a lot to wow us.

Well, prepared to be wowed.

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Festival season is here! After the huge success of Osheaga this past weekend, we're already excited for all the other great shows August has to offer. Although we do hate to see summer slowly start to wind down, the one upside is that it seems like every single day has a new show, and every weekend a new festival. August is now home to three major music festivals in our city; Osheaga, Heavy Montreal, and Ile Soniq, as well as the week-long events linked to the International Balloon Festival in Saint-Jean-Sur-Richelieu. Oh, and the usual Piknic Elektronic. No big deal.

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Every year, indie fans from across Canada come together in Montreal for the Osheaga festival. The 3-day event has become a staple of every Montreal summer and always hosts the biggest and best up & coming artists in the indie genre. Over the years, the festival has grown to include a ton of other musical styles; folk, alternative, rock, pop, and more recently they've included an entire stage for electronic music.

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