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america vs canada

Canadian twins Bella and Gigi Gaspar have been quizzing their American friends for months on TikTok on countless Canadian topics from our population, provinces and sports teams — and it's safe to say their responses are definitely concerning.

The Gaspar twins, who currently live and study in the United States, share videos regularly on their TikTok page that prove their close pals know next to nothing about the true north.

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Every time I watch news about the United States, I breathe a sigh of relief and I realize how fortunate I am to live in Canada. 

We're relatively normal here, sure we have our share of crazy, but it's nothing compared to what we see in the US. 

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Canadians and Americans couldn't be any more different from one another.

So it's no wonder that being in a "Canadian couple" is completely distinct from being in an "American couple".

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