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Here's something you don't see every day. 

The Batmobile was spotted driving around in Montreal by Ovidiu Croitoru. Yes, the REAL original 1966 Batmobile from the old Batman TV show!  

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The caped crusader was in town this morning at Victoria Square. Here he is letting his Bat-gut hang out and doing a little bit of Bat-chilling before returning to his life of crime fighting.

No word why he was in town. Perhaps he made a trip to Montreal's biodome to punch a few penguins in the face. Or maybe he thought the Cat Cafe was actually owned by Catwoman.

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Holy trailer leak Batman! The Batman VS Superman: Dawn of Justice trailer has been leaked and it looks awesome!

Well okay except for the part where you see Ben Afleck. All of a sudden it becomes a reality that he is in fact the new batman. Guess I was in denial this whole time. In any case you can catch a glimpse of him wearing the most bad-ass version of the bat-suit ever created, and yet he still somehow manages to make it look crappy. Still this doesn't reduce my excitement for the movie. You know you can't wait to see these two juggernauts battle it out.

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It used to be that comics were strictly reserved to the misfits and the nerds of society, but that is most certainly no longer the case. The folklore realm of superheroes is now a mainstay of our pop culture and pretty much saturates the mainstream of modern entertainment.

Batman, Superman, Spiderman, every one of The Avengers, all found their humble beginnings on the pages of comic books before growing into the big-screen behemoths we know and love today. Sure, comic books don't have quite the same impact IMAX 3d has on your eyeballs, but there is something to be said about the tangible quality and artistry only achieved though comics.

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Juvenile and deluded as it may sound, yet still entirely true and something everyone knows in their heart of hearts, is that no citizen of Montreal would ever choose the SPVM to protect the city over the one and only Dark Knight Detective, better known as Batman. Yes, Batman doesn't exist, but if he did, you can bet everyone would want him on the streets of Montreal over cops, fighting crime and corruption while being the ultimate badass. Apparently the SPVM think so too, at least a little.

Getting even more creative with the stickers protesting the Bill 3 pension reforms, one SPVM cruiser was playfully outfitted with a few red stickies outlined to look like the Batman insignia. Uber-batfans like myself will note this is the bat-logo best known from the Nolan trilogy of Batman films, and not the classic rounded-wings insignia of the comics.

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Photo cred – Semaha Photography

Bat-fans, get excited, because this is a bar event tailored to all the avid readers of all things happening in Gotham city, the home of the world's greatest detective. Tonight, Bar Le Ritz will play hose to the launch of DC's newest comic book "Gotham Academy," an original series all about being a young student in Batman's city.

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Gotham City has seen worse days.

The enemies on Rogues Gallery are retiring and there's no one left to fight. The bat-bags are packed and the map is open. The Batman needs to choose which city is the best to protect.

Montreal, of course. There's no doubt whatsoever. Bruce Wayne would finally find his happy place here. We know that because Montreal is our happy place, too.

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Director Zack Snyder, the filmmaker handling Batman vs. Superman, has tweeted the first known image of Ben Affleck fully suited up in batgear.

Batfleck can be seen in the tweeted image below with Snyder's version of the Batmobile, which looks pretty similiar to the Christopher Nolan version seen in the Dark Knight trilogy, albeit a bit slimmer.

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Let's be honest no one REALLY  likes to workout.

Thanks to Neila Rey's new themed website workout posters it can be fun again.

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Nerds need love too, and these Batman Valentines, circa 1966, will make the geek in your life fog up his/her glasses with adoration.

Cartoonist Mike Anderson, who bought a collection of vintage Batman VDay cards off of Ebay, has graciously uploaded these corny cards onto the interwebs, for all to enjoy. But mostly comic book fans.

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What can you accomplish in an hour? Watch an episode of Game of Thrones? Make a plate of pasta? Take a nap? Yeah, not that much, unless you're artist Dustin Harbin.In the span of one hour, this speedy cartoonist can create the most adorable reinterpretations of your favourite pop culture icons and characters.

Harbin sits down for 60 minutes and makes these cartoon creations solely with black ink and a 8" x 10" piece of Strathmore 500 bristol.  Harbin admits some take more than an hour, but he's been at it for 2 and a half years, with over 200 different drawings, which is a feat in itself. Adorable and a showcase of masterful work, check out a sample of some of our favourite 1-hour drawings below.

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It’s not uncommon in this business to get invites to cover an event, or to check out a business, or to interview an interesting person. Well this is what actually happened as one our dear MtlBlog readers named Anna hit me up with an invitation to check out a funky comic store that’s been open for a year and it can’t be that bad, since it was part of a travel slide show on Montreal’s burgeoning St. Henri district in the New York Times this past May. They’ve also participated in Comic-Con.

Anna really got my interest into high gear when she mentioned that some of the other items for sale were life-size figurines of familiar heroes like The Wolverine and Spiderman. So seeing that January is a month to hibernate with those sub-arctic temperatures in the air and the chance to catch up some reading, off I went recently after Christmas to grab an hour to see what was new and different in comic book world, and check out some ideas for the comic book lover in all of you.

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