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best italian food in montreal

Have you ever finished a plate of pasta at a Montreal restaurant and wished you were in somebody's house where you could ask for seconds? Or thirds? Pasta Express Fleury's all-you-can-eat format neatly solves that problem for you.

When it comes to Montrealers' love for the iconic Italian dish, there's a significant selection of delish pasta spots to choose from, but very few offer up the AYCE option the way Pasta Express does.

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You probably don't need us to tell you (though we really do like to), Montreal is full of great restaurants of all shapes and sizes. So many, in fact, it can be hard to keep track! This city literally offers something for everyone, and on the menu today is Italian. Delicious, comforting Italian food just like your Nonna used to make when you were a little bambino, full of love and rich flavour.

Don't have a Nonna? It doesn't matter because we recently discovered a gem of a restaurant that's serving up some of the most authentic Italian food this side of Italy, or at least Little Italy anyway.

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