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blonde biscuiterie gay village

Montrealers can finally hear the words we've been waiting to hear for far too long this weekend: "SPRING IS HERE!"

After what feels like the longest winter ever, spring will be officially sprung on Sunday, March 20 and it could not come soon enough... neither can the weekend. Now, with the weather looking up, here are some of the ways to get out and enjoy the first weekend of spring in Montreal.

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When it comes to treats and sweets, Montreal is home to some of the best cafés that are bound to satisfy your sweet tooth. Well, it looks like there's another spot to add to the list...Blonde Biscuiterie! The Montreal cookie café just opened its second location in the heart of Montreal's Gay Village and their cookies look so decadent.

Blonde Biscuiterie officially opened its doors on March 12 in the Gay Village where they'll be serving up some of the yummiest cookie creations you've ever set your sights on — and we can't keep our eyes off of 'em.

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