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body sushi

Ever seen one of those gangster movies where a Japanese mafia boss is eating sushi off a naked woman? Did you ever want to try that but didn't think it was worth joining the mafia just to eat sushi? Did your girlfriend slap you when you asked her to do it?

Well now you can try naked sushi for yourself because Montreal's Atame, a Japanese aphrodisiac restaurant is holding a special Body Sushi night on Thursday, May 28th.

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Photo cred - Odwas

Eating sushi off of a naked model's body. It's a strangely sensual eating experience you've heard of before, and maybe even fantasized about, if you weren't simply perplexed yet intrigued. So many questions surround the concept (will the person mind? will you taste the person on the sushi?) and now you can have them all answered, at Montreal's very own Body Sushi event at Atame Aphrodisiaque.

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