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One day, it might be possible to take a train from Montreal to Boston. As the Montreal Gazette first reported, a group is lobbying for the creation of an almost 14-hour overnight train between the two metropolises with service to minor cities, towns and tourist destinations throughout southern Quebec and northern New England along the way.

A proposed route map shared with MTL Blog shows additional stops in Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu; Magog; Sherbrooke; Coaticook; Island Pond, Vermont; Berlin, New Hampshire; Bethel, Portland, and Old Orchard, Maine, among others.

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Canadian coffee staple and mediocre donut-maker Tim Hortons released Canadians' favourite menu items and most frequent orders from last year.

The top picks vary from province to province and also include Canada's top three Tim Hortons coffee orders.  

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It's summertime and we're all itching to get away, to escape our normal, everyday lives and take off to a faraway land. You might not have realized that there are some amazing travel destinations right here in North America! Canada and the United States have so many amazing places to offer you'll be surprised.

It's also important to find a realistic travel destination where you don't have to break the bank. Finding a place like that can take a lot of time and effort. But don't you worry, I've got you covered. 

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Travelling in the fall is seriously underrated - the changing leaves are gorgeous, you won't freeze or melt, and your travel costs are cut way down in the off-season. Not to mention a long weekend away can really help you decompress if the semester is really starting to get to you.

Now before you read this and ask, "What about Quebec City? Saguenay-Lac-St-Jean? New York?" let me direct you over to Synden's awesome article from last year.

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Being a professional hockey player affords you certain privileges in life. You get to travel around on private jets, you get to enjoy celebrity status (especially if you're playing in Montreal), and of course you get to drink too much and start dancing on top of tables like a teenage girl when "her song" starts playing at the club.

That's pretty much what happened to Brad Marchand of the Boston Bruins over the weekend, and although he was drunk like a teenage girl, his moves were rather geriatric and stiff. He looks like an old man trying to dance at a wedding but who wants to make sure he's not going to hurt his back. Marchand makes his way down the runway to milk the praise and admiration of the public, until the bouncer notices he's wasted and kindly grabs onto his leg to stop him from falling off the bar.

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Photo cred - Mitchell Joyce

Oy Vey. Vacation time is coming up and you and the Hubs are definitely looking for a frugal way to get out of the city & spend some quality alone time. Well forget about airfare and package searching, all you need for a quality vacation is your boo and your car. After working hard these past few months and trying to make time for those simple but great Montreal summer date nights and small weekend getaways, it's time for you both to pack your bags and hit the road for a real vacay. These easy trips will definitely help you reconnect with each other and will provide you with sufficient time & resources for all the fun & hanky panky you'd like. We've listed numerous activities for each spot so you can get an idea of which vacation is right for you and your love muffin.

Well there you have it Montreal, Bostons mayor Marty Walsh who lost a bet to Denis Coderre finally hung the Habs flag above their city hall today nearly a week after or rather late.

Montrealers were beginning to get worried that the deal struck would not come to pass.

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Cover photo cred - @evelyneem

Not only the people of Montreal showed some intense fan fervor last night after the Habs crushed the Bruins. Even Montreal's inanimate buildings took part in the celebrations.

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Game 7 won't be in Montreal, but that doesn't mean you can't still cheer for the Habs on their home turf.

To watch hockey history, the Bell Centre is offering fans a seat to watch the Habs take on the Bruins for only $10.

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Photo Cred - Allen McInnis, The Gazette

We all saw it coming, but last night's Habs win over the Boston Bruins still tastes as sweet as if it came out of nowhere.

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With the series headed home for Montreal after splitting the games at TD Garden, the Bruins defensemen let some rather meek shade fly at Canadiens goalie Carey Price.

Bruins players Dougie Hamilton and Torey Krug claimed they can beat Price byshooting high, especially when he's screened. These insults bounced off Price, as he pointed to the obvious truth that this "scouting report" is the same for every goalie in the world, Tuukka Rask included.

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The Habs and the Bruins haven't even played a game against each other yet, but that hasn't stopped fans from feuding and talking smack.

One (seemingly) impartial history/hockey fan thought it would be useful to compare the two teams, not on their current playing ability or statistics, but on the many features of their respective cities.

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