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cat cafe montreal

For those Montrealer's who just love bringing new people to Montreal but don't know how to show them everything within a short period of time, don't worry because I got you! If you take them to these 10 streets then you will get 50 things out of the way in just a few days !

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Photo cred - imgur

All cat lovers (so the entirety of the internet) should all be getting prep'd for what will surely be like an early Christmas for feline-ophiles. We are, of course, talking about National Cat Day on October 26th, a day devoted to our four-legged friends and the folks who love them, sometimes (or often, lets be real) to the point of creepy.

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Photo cred - Morris Yumin

We've waited, we've anticipated, and we've wondered if it was ever going to happen, but now, we can say with confidence that Montreal will be home to the first-ever cat cafe in all of North America, thanks to the official opening of Cat Café Montreal. Set to swing its doors open wide this Saturday, Cat Cafe Montreal will break new ground for cats, cat-lovers, and coffee addicts alike.

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