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Montreal is home to thousands of restaurants but none compare to this enchanted mansion that serves brunch, lunch, and dinner while feeling fancy AF! Located in the heart of downtown Montreal, this resto-bar has really outdone themselves just with their location and decor.

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Montreal truly is a unique city, but I think we have made that pretty clear already. I mean the city just exudes diversity and culture! However, the special thing about Montreal is that we women know style when we see it. 

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Ah yes, all of our wishes are finally coming true as Montreal opens an all new authentic Moroccan restaurant! Both authentic in decor and food, this new restaurant will transport you across the sea to the beautiful country of Morocco. 

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Fancy brunches are perfect for birthdays, anniversaries, Valentine's day, reunions, and just about anything! It's always fun to enjoy some amazing brunches spots in Montreal, but it's even more fun when you can do it dressed to the 9. So, to help you out with any classy event you wish to plan in the morning, I have composed this killer list!

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It's that time of the year when you realise that you are broke from spending money on gifts for everyone but yourself. I feel you guys first hand so I decided to help us all out by composing a list of fancy things you can treat yourselves to without breaking the bank!

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With 2017 right around the corner, it's time to end 2016 off with a BANG! To do so, why not head out to some places in Montreal where you can eat, drink, and socialise with new people. It's time to party up and make what's left of 2016 great!

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When you and your girls are looking for a classy night out, I suggest heading to one of these upscale bars right here in Montreal! Not only can you dress up and look hot AF, but you can also get drunk and have a great time with your mains!

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We all know how expensive makeup can get especially when it's from MAC. However, I have a fabulous treat for you! The list below composes of 30 fabulous products from MAC that are all under $30! So, for all those makeup fanatics out there, I suggest checking out MAC ASAP! They are having some great sales on hot AF products!

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Ah yes, with summer coming to an end, it's about time that you plan a girls night out with your squad! If you haven't already, then I strongly recommend checking out the list below for some easy, simple, and cheap ways to go out with all your friends before school starts.

Montreal is home to multiple places to go out and party with your friends and below are some Montreal girls favourites and some of my personal favourites as well! So get texting nd hit up your closest BFFS before the nice weather escapes us!

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