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clock tower

Montreal is an amazing looking city, so it's no wonder we have a ton of observation points so we can enjoy the view from every angle. 

There's the lookout, the Belvederre lookoutand the 3rd secet lookout not many people know about

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If you thought summer festivals were over, well think again! Not only is there going to be another festival in Montreal before summer ends, but it happens to be one of the most artistic festivals in all of Montreal. 

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Just as one Montreal festival ends, another begins, and there's now word of a brand-new one being added to the lineup this summer that is sure to make your face and your belly smile! From the same good people that brought us the Lobster Clam Jam last month, along with Strangers in the Night, comes the first-ever BARBECUE BONANZA, happening at yet another one of the city's most iconic locations.

Raising money for the Quebec Starlight Children's Foundation, the Barbecue Bonanza will bring together some 26 Montreal restaurants to showcase the best in various cuisines from around the world. The outdoor grilling festival will feature plenty of fun in the sun, entertainment for all ages, and of course, amazing food! Not just for meat lovers either, as participating restaurants will also offer a smorgasbord of grilled, roasted and smoked fish, cheese, and vegetables to devour as well.

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Photo cred - Pêche Vieux-Montréal

The cold may suck, but as with all of life's hurdles, you need to find the silver lining, and in Montreal, it's that with dropping temperatures also comes the opening of the Old Port's Ice Fishing Village. December's warm weather wasn't fit for ice fishing, but January's deep freeze has made the grounds solid and safe, with the official opening date of the Montreal Ice Fishing Village now set for next Wednesday, January 14th.

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Photo cred - Old Port of Montreal

With only a few days left in August, your available time to cross everything off of your Montreal summer bucket list is growing slimmer and slimmer. September may still be bright and sunny, but certain summer-essentials will be closed by the end of the month, including Montreal's infamous Clock Tower Beach.

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