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cocktail tree

Don't you just feel that excitement, that sparkle, that je ne sais quoi as we head into the weekend? And no, it's not just because a four-day workweek means we're that much closer to everyone's favourite two days. It's because there's so much going on in Montreal: new restaurants, amazing exhibits and incredible art all around.

With so much to do, see and try — we're making choosing your Montreal weekend plans a little bit easier with some of these must-try activities across the 514.

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When it comes to Montreal restaurants, you can always count on some element of surprise to enhance your culinary experience, and that's exactly what Griffintown eatery SHAY did with their newest cocktail tree.

Oh yes, you read that right. A cocktail TREE. I tried this libation creation sensation and let me tell you, it may just be my new favourite way to order a drink.

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