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concordia frosh

Frosh has begun...well, kinda-sorta. Technically frosh has been going since Monday, but the real events (by which I mean the drinking/partying events) don't get going 'til today. Many of you Froshees are new students, who no next to nothing about Montreal and what it means to go on a 4 day bender. Good thing we're here to make sure you make it through. Our credentials? Well, for one, this author was a Froshee and Frosh leader twice, then there's the fact that we're all basically functional alcoholics, which is so true it's almost not funny. Needless to say, we know what you need to know about Frosh, so listen up. You shouldn't just survive Frosh, you should be having the best time ever. Hopefully these tips 'n tricks will make that a guarantee.

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September is nearly upon us, but before students return to class and the rest of us go back the mundane world of non-summer life, one last big blow out is pretty much a necessity. Us 9-5ers have labour day weekend to look forward to, while students will enjoy the debauchery that is Frosh, or Orientation Week to you non-Montreal students. Either way, its gonna be a long three days of intense drinking and sloppiness. Here's a few tips to ensure you survive the whole way through.

1. Pick Your Poison

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