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construction montreal

As someone who moved to Montreal two years ago, there are lots of things I've had to get used to, but by far the hardest one has been the driving.

And as hard as I try to really embrace the culture, there are certain things I will just never get. Here are some of the things about driving in Montreal that will always be a mystery to me.

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Whenever Montreal's streets are under construction, the city rushes to assure the public that businesses won't be affected.

There are measures in place to assist the businesses who lose revenue and the city also tries to make the areas look desirable despite the construction like they did with the Grande Terrasse Rouge.

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I was driving around from Ville Saint-Laurent to Downtown over the weekend and the only thought on my mind was "Montreal Looks like shit."

Everywhere I went, I was staring at sad looking cracked concrete. Every street corner had a gaping hole surrounded by a orange barriers. Cones lined every single street I drove through, and the streets that weren't under construction looked like they were built in the 1800's.

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