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Photo cred - Austin H. Kapfumvuti

The first stage of the 2014 World Cup in Brazil begins June 12. Despite much controversy surrounding mass evictions of "favela" dwellers, state-sanctioned murder, and misuse of public funds, we're still excited for the footie. Canada didn't qualify, so we can root for America (tough draw), The Netherlands (vs. Spain), or Mexico (North/Central America pride). Rooting for France is obviously an exercise in futility, unless you're rooting for the yearly meltdown. Also, you can roll w/ a new team, I personally rep Côte D'Ivoire, 'cuz Drogba 4ever. Anyway, here's some of our favorite spots to watch the Cup, with an emphasis on smaller and team-specific bars and restos. Please tell us about your favorite little spots to catch a match!

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Photo cred - Sonia

Putting the naming controversy (Tso/Tao) aside, let's rap about some really good chicken. General Tso chicken is a North American Chinese food favorite, and has been for over half a century. The famous recipe can be broken down into components. There's the sauce: soy sauce, rice wine vinegar, sugar, cornstarch, dried red chile peppers (whole), garlic, and MSG. The batter: egg, cornstarch. And there's the dish: broccoli, chicken (cubed). All this is prepared in a professional fryer or, alternatively, skillfully in a wok. The following is an unranked list of some of the best restaurants serving the General's chicken in Montreal. Please send us your suggestions for places we've missed!

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