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Remember when mom would punish you for swearing and tell you that there are "bad" words you can't use? Well, turns out she was wrong. Science has spoken - swearing is actually good for you. There are so many health and emotional benefits that come along with swearing, that it's stupid not to fvcking swear. That's really good news, especially on a Monday morning, when all I can think of is... FML. Without further ado, I present to you a bunch of reasons why swearing is really good for you.

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There are tons of incredible things to do in Montreal, but getting to them can be a pain. Unfortunately, the city’s geography is filled with steep hills that make walking or biking around the city a real bitch. As many shitty hills as there are in the city, 15 of them stand out for giving us particularly painful leg cramps. Here are the 15 worst hills in Montreal.

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