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I've written a bunch of things about Russian people in Montreal already... I've helped you spot Russian girls on the streets of Montreal, I've successfuly convinced you to get a Russian girlfriend AND a Russian best friend, etc. Hey, now it's time for you to get even more familiar with our mysterious culture. You'll especially enjoy this post if you're a Russian Montrealer. So here are 10 things we say that other people probably can't relate to.

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Russian people often fall victims of all kinds of hilarious stereotypes. We know how to take it well though, because we don't take ourselves too seriously. Russian immigrants have such a rich culture, language and heritage, yet the comments we receive on a daily basis are exceptionally basic. It's actually funny. If you're Russian and you're reading this, I'm positive it'll make you smile and nod in agreement because you've definitely heard some of these things at least once in your life. So here are ten things every Russian person in Montreal is tired of hearing.

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