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With regions of Quebec in partial lockdown, it's shaping up to be an uneventful October. It's understandable that containing the spread of COVID-19 is a priority over Halloween, but it's still sad to watch Montreal's spooky season pass us by without proper recognition. 

Luckily, Montreal is 378 years old (founded in 1642) meaning it has a plethora of old churches, cemeteries, gothic architecture and creepy hotels.

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For those who love adventures, then exploring these caves is the perfect activity for you! The Bonnechere Caves are only 3 hour away from Montreal and they are truly worth the trip. These caves are known as some of the best examples of limestone cave formation.

Not only can you explore these caves and the wonders that they hold, but you can also eat dinner in them and camp near by! This is the perfect road trip to do before summer ends! The caves are truly beautiful but so is the area and park around them. They are located right near the Bonnechere River and the caves themselves are underneath flowing water!

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What's better than grabbing an inflatable tube and barreling down a mountain at full speed? Doing it at night surrounded by glowing neon lights and music of course!

This year, as part of the Fete Des Neiges celebration, Parc Jean Drapeau will be hosting what they call "Disco Tubing" every weekend starting January 16th to February 7th when the sun goes down.

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