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dash berlin

Photo cred - Lionel Pierron

April is finally upon us, and the MTL Blog Events team has found a ton of parties for you to celebrate the warmth this weekend. From clothing line's launching their Spring collections, to events that go til 6am on both Friday and Saturday, to another amazing weekend at Newspeak, it is going to be hard to chose what to attend.

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Cover photo cred - Karel Chladek

It's the second week back from the winter holidays. That means you should have already gotten use to getting out of bed, going out and getting back into your normal routine. Now that routine doesn't only consist of going to work or school during the week, it means everyone's back in town, and the weekends make for the perfect time to see your friends and blow off some steam. 2014 is going to be filled with tons of parties and events. It's only the second week of the year, so get used to it!

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