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david mcmillan

It's been two days since news broke that Joe Beef founder and acclaimed Chef David McMillan was quitting the restaurant business after 32 years, rocking Montreal foodies to their core. Now, his partner and co-founder Chef Fred Morin has taken to Instagram to respond.

McMillan announced that he had sold his shares of his restaurants in an exclusive interview with the Montreal Gazette, which quoted him as saying "I never want to shave white truffles on to asparagus for someone from Toronto ever again in my life." In the article, McMillan describes himself as "burned out." The article notes that he plans to spend more time on his farm and with his family.

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Yesterday Barack Obama came to Montreal to give a speech at the Palais des Congres, and it could have very well been a boring visit where he flew in, spoke and left. 

But he didn't. Instead he decided to go out and grab a bite to eat with Justin Trudeau at Liverpool House. Here they are hugging, yes, HUGGING outside the restaurant:

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David McMillan is arguably the most famous chefs in Montreal.   

But the co-owner of Joe Beef has recently decided that Toronto is a better food destination than Montreal. 

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Basically. the two main types of people that exist in Montreal are Habs fans and foodies. Now, has brought our love of hockey and incredible food together in a series of videos profiling restaurants that appeal to any Canadiens fans, whether you're visiting Montreal or have lived here your whole life.

The first place that they've covered is the incredibly delicious Joe Beef, owned by David McMillan and Frederic Morin. If you're a local and you haven't eaten here yet, you are missing out on life. Check out an interview with the owners below who are, obviously, Habs fans, if you need more convincing.

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Photo cred - Thierry Gauvin

YouTube is a wild and mysterious place. From dogs driving cars, to muscled-out dudes eating incredibly disgusting things, to six year old boys singing better than Frank Sinatra, we’ve seen it all. Every day, some lonely guy with a camera becomes the next viral hit that we just can’t stop clamoring about. Montreal has been making big moves on the YouTube scene, so it’s time to take a proper look at some of the best YouTubers out of Montreal.

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Vice hits the nail on the head once again with this video on some of Montreal`s most famous restaurants such as Joe Beef and Park. They also hit up Honey Martin which so happens to be one of our favorite spots to grab too many pints. The new year is coming up and we think its about time we get our asses over to some of these locations and gain a few pounds. We suggest you do the same.