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As the weather improves and spring inches closer, we've arrived at that time of year again where we'll be switching our clocks an hour ahead. Yup! Daylight saving time is upon us, and that means we'll all be losing an hour of sleep.

This is easily the hardest part, considering we all love to get our beauty sleep, right? Well, as of Sunday, March 13, at 2 a.m. our clocks will be moving forward an hour, making the local time 3 a.m. instead.

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The change of hour on March 14 may have left you feeling a little off-balance, and it seems the effects of daylight savings in Quebec may continue to linger.

Various studies have found that the Monday after "spring forward" is one of the most dangerous days of the year as a result of the negative effects of the time change. 

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The "fall back" means that, suddenly, our precious few final hours of daylight have been reduced in the evening. In a winter season that's set to be more isolating than ever, that loss at the end of the day is calling attention to the additional stress possibly brought on by daylight saving in Quebec.

That consideration doesn't seem to be lost on Premier François Legault, who said in response to a journalist's question at a press conference Monday that his government is "looking at the different scenarios" when it comes to the twice-yearly time change.

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Just like every year, Fall comes along and it's time to "fall back" an hour, which is really annoying because now the sun sets at 4:00 pm.

But spring time isn't any better comes and it comes with a whole new set of problems.

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Thanks to the shorter winter days and the extra hour we lost to daylight savings, we in Montreal are currently being 'blessed' with a 5:00 pm sunset. (Seriously why he hell does daylight savings still exist?)

But the good news is that the days are slowly getting longer and there's only about a month left of daylight savings so that means that by March 13th the sun will be setting 2 whole hours later than it is now.

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The winter solstice is behind us, meaning that the days will slowly become longer, and I do mean slowly. Right now our daylight hours don't even reach 9 hours, as the sun sets at a grossly early 4:20pm. We all know how depressing it can get when the days end by the early afternoon, not to mention the temporal mindfuck of having it be pitch black at 7pm and make you think its well past midnight. But, as it is every year, the days will grow longer with time, and to keep you hopeful, here are the expected sunrise and sunset times of the coming months. Things will get brighter!

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