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dead obies

Montreal is known for being one of the main stops whenever big artists are on tour and the month of September seems to be no different.

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As stated in my previous article, Montreal is booming in the arts and culture department, especially in the music industry. Hip-hop pierced the market in the last few years throughout North America and has become a big subject in our modern times.

Luckily, Montreal is following the hype and providing us with talented artists from the east to the west of the island. Let's explore them together -

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Photo cred - Jonathan Duval

Montreal, you are so cold but we still love you. All you Montrealers who are discouraged to go out because the winter sneaked up on us like it was nothing, check out the events that we lined up for you below! Some really hot parties are happening this week end, don't be the only one to miss out!

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In order to kick off the 2014 school year right, the federation of students' associations of Université de Montréal's campus (FAÉCUM) is throwing a free and open to public concert tomorrow - Sept 11th. A few bars will be set up around for y'all to quench your thirsts at that oh-so-affordable student price!

The concert will be held outdoors at UdeM's La Place de la Laurentienne, which is the campus' open spaced public square (closest entrance is 3200 rue Jean-Brillant).

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Photo cred - Dead Obies

Rap artists are rarely in the good books of the older gen, usually irking those longer in years with lyrics about hoes drugs. Montreal's Dead Obies, a 6-person rap group from South Shore, is pissing off the middle-aged for a different reason, however, as they've come under fire for using French and English in their songs. God forbid.

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At that very moment when it seems as though winter will never end; snow will keep falling, days will keep getting shorter, life as we know will cease to exist ... Montreal En Lumiere begins! This year, the beloved festival, which runs from February 20th to March 2nd, is celebrating 15 years of giving Montrealers incredible live music, performance art, culinary events and so much more.

Click here for 10 Things To Do During Montreal En Lumiere 2014 >

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