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deep fried

It's almost Valentine's Day and romance is in the air. While your plans this year won't include heading out to your favourite restaurant, you can indulge in a decadent meal right at home with your significant other (or yourself, if you're happily single).

Using Skip, you can order delicious food and enjoy free delivery across Quebec until March 31. In addition to supporting Montreal restaurants with this promo, you can also add a romantic flare by preparing a candlelight dinner with the convenience of food delivery.

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If you happen to just ADORE chips, then this potato tornado will complete your life! Not only has it taken Instagram by storm, but there are multiple videos all over Facebook talking out these spectacular potato treats. Some call it a potato twist or the potato screw, but I when I read the name "potato tornado" my mind was blown.

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Grilled cheese is pretty limited when it comes to customization possibilities. I mean sure, you can change the kind of cheese you use, or for the truly daring, you can cut the grilled cheese in halves instead of triangles. Of course there's a special circle in hell reserved for people who do that so I'd be careful about angering the grilled cheese gods if I were you.

The good news is that it seems the crazy cooks at Oh Bite It have managed to find a grilled cheese customization that won't get you banished into the afterlife for all eternity.

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As our "invincible" hockey team moves forward into the next series, some of you may be wondering, how do I take my next playoffs party to the next level? No worries, we got you covered! Make as many or all of these for your next gathering, and secure your spot as the ultimate playoffs party host!! Cuz your guests will be coming hungry for a win, but probably hungry for some delicious finger-foods too!

It's no secret Tampa Bay has had the upper hand against the Canadiens this NHL season, and we need to be ready for anything. That being said, comfort food is a MUST for this special occasion. Just imagine, the Habs are down 2-1, suddenly you emerge with an array of delectable snacks! You see the hope re-emerge in your guests eyes, YOU ARE A HOST GOD AMONG MEN AND WOMEN!! Their stomachs rumbling, eyes full of passion, and suddenly Pacioretty scores with a killer slap shot!!!

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Photo cred - Simple Comfort Food

One of the original playas, and let's be honest, star of the show, cheese curds have been making our poutines the wonderful and magical Montreal culinary staple that it is since, well, forever.

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Photo cred -  Fia’s Maine Kitchen

Everyone knows that summer's favourite fruit, the strawberry, makes just about the best cheesecake flavour of all time. The sweet tartness of the strawberry, complemented by the creamy tang of the cheese, all brought together by a buttery crumb base is simply irresistible.

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