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demi lovato

Dear Lovatics of Montreal, your favourite Disney teen turned pop-rock superstar is coming to Montreal for a concert on October 16 at L'Olympia, as part of her Holy Fvck tour.

Lovato will be passing through Toronto and then Montreal before returning to the U.S.

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While many local companies have responded to three-decade high inflation rates by pumping up prices, one local sex toy store is doing the reverse. Montreal-based Bellesa is helping customers take the edge off of rising costs with an 8.6% reduction on all items in its boutique. The city is already seeing a wet week, but that trend may extend beyond the weather in the coming days.

"Cost of living has increased drastically for people. We are making the choice to stand with our community during these uncertain financial times," said Bellesa CEO Michelle Shnaidman.

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