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If you like crispy, seasoned chicken and fluffy waffles separately, then just wait until you try them together! Topped with syrup, the Soul Food staple offers just the right combination of salty and sweet.

Even better, local Montreal restaurants have put their own unique spin on the dish. From fusion Indian and Filipino takes, to classic Southern-style offerings, here are nine places with chicken and waffles you're going to want to check out:

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I am not too sure if you are all ready for this... I suggest making sure that you have a nice glass of water next to you because your mouth will literally be watering before, during, and after you read this! Montreal sure is known for their amazing poutines but let's be real... Their Mac N' Cheese dishes are even better!

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Once you think that you have found "the one", you will probably want to treat them to a charming dinner. You may be wonder which to choose since Montreal is FULL of fabulous restaurants. Well, not to worry because I have created a list of Montreal's best restaurants to really impress that special someone of yours.

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With 2017 right around the corner, it's time to end 2016 off with a BANG! To do so, why not head out to some places in Montreal where you can eat, drink, and socialise with new people. It's time to party up and make what's left of 2016 great!

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When love is in the air of Montreal the real one way to win a girls heart is through her stomach! Honestly, it isn't too hard to do so since our city is FILLED with amazing restaurants.

So, to help you guys out a little, I made a list that composes of restaurants whose food will 100% steal your girls heart! The list has a large variety or restaurants that range from sushi to Greek food so choose wisely according to your future GF's preferences!

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When it's your BFF's birthday and you really want to impress them, there's no better way than by taking them to a great dinner! Montreal is home to multiple amazing restaurants but let's be real, not all of them are birthday material. So, I have composed a list of cute little restaurants that you can take your BFF too this summer for their birthday.

Not only does each restaurant below have their own specialties, but they also have a great atmosphere. These restaurants are perfect to treat you BFF to some delicious food and drinks. Your BFF will definitely love you even more after you take them to one of these restaurants. But I'm warning you, she might love the food more.

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