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Photo cred - The Sugar Hit

North American iced coffee has nothing on its Vietnamese cousin. Our native cold coffee is basically just regularly brewed coffee with ice thrown in, and maybe some flavour syrup, you know, if you're at Starbucks. Cold Brew coffee is a tad more legit, yet still pales in comparison to Ca phe da , or more commonly referred by us Westerners as Vietnamese iced coffee.

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Summer coffee season in Montreal has already begun, and if you want to reap all the caffeinated benefits, you'll need to get an Indie Coffee Passport. Your pass to get free drinks at Montreal's many different independently-owned cafes and coffee joints, the Indie Coffee Passport (ICP) is a must-have for the summer.

Priced at $25, the ICP gives you privileged beverage access to all 26 participating cafes. Much-loved spots like Kitsuné, Chez Boris, Cagibi, and Dispatch are on the list, as are many other renowned coffee spots. See a full list and a map here.

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