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dog adoption

The Montreal SPCA is looking for a forever family for Yuma, an 8-year-old doggo who has been in temporary foster care for some time now. The animal welfare organization hosted a free adoption day earlier this month — successfully finding homes for over 100 animals including dogs cats, ferrets and bunnies and now, it's Yuma's turn.

Yuma, who the SPCA hilariously describes as a "potato," is a Cane Corso who weighs roughly 110 pounds, so while you two can cuddle it up on the sofa, you're gonna need a lil extra space for this charming big boy. Although he loves to share a snuggle, Yuma isn't such a big fan of the "sharing is caring" motto when it comes to food, and we don't blame him.

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I honestly love hearing about dog adoption events because that means I get to spend my morning looking through adorable pictures of puppies! If that doesn't sound like a dream job I don't know what is! 

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I think everyone here can agree that puppies are the single greatest thing on the planet. I mean, who doesn't love a fluffy, squishy, cute little puppy that just wants to love you all day long?? 

No one, that's right! Everyone loves puppies because you can play with them all day long, cuddle with them all night long, and they'll comfort you when you're having a bad day. 

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I am literally OBSESSED with dogs. I always had dogs growing up, so they've always been a part of my life. But since I moved to Montreal 4 years ago I haven't had a dog in my life for so long. It's been such a hard transition going from having a fluffy pup waiting for me when I come home from school everyday, to having no companion waiting at the door for me anymore. 

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