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drive in movie

With warmer days ahead and summer well underway, drive-in movie theatres are set to be back in action across Quebec this summer airing an array of oldies and new releases for you, your friends, and your family to enjoy all season long.

Although many drive-in spots require a bit of a trek outside the Montreal area, you can still catch some outdoor movie action this summer right in the 514 during the Lachine Candal film noir screenings.

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We all know that love is in the air of Montreal, and come on let's be real... Montreal is actually VERY romantic. So, if you want to impress that special someone, then you should for sure check out some of these ideas I have in store for you!

Not only does Montreal have great restaurants, they also have fabulous activities so you should really get started on planning this superb date for that special someone this summer. It's time to get fancy and classy in Montreal for a date your date wont forget!

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In Montreal we are extremely lucky to have so many things to do whatever the weather and season, but where can you go, or what can you do if you don't want just a regular date and go for a drink?

As society becomes more and more health conscience drinking is not always on the agenda or at least sometimes we just feel like doing something else.

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Enjoying the summer weather is an important part of Canadian culture. We have to appreciate it while it's here, and Montrealers are very good at doing just that. But going all-out every weekend can sometimes leave your wallet feeling quite depleted, so there needs to be a cheaper alternative for summer outings. Here is a list of casual activities available throughout the city all summer long.

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