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When you step into FunGuyz, Montreal's new magic mushroom dispensary, the atmosphere hums with an unusual blend of nervous excitement. Behind the neon-coloured doors, lies a largely nondescript room lined with candy-inspired edibles and organic mushroom strains, a kind of meds-meets-sweets counter, laced with a tension born from operating in a legal grey area.

An air of defiance also permeates the store, where empty packages line the walls, serving as placeholders for the stock kept behind the cash register. Two television screens display prices that span from $30 to well over $300.

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There is a new food trend that is gaining popularity in Canada and the US. 

It's a simple concept really, which is why a lot of people are kicking themselves for not thinking about it first.

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Stop the mothertruckin' presses, 'cuz folks, we've stumbled upon the zenith of marijuana cuisine. Cast aside all basic thoughts of cookies, brownies, or all that done-to-death dessert-ish edibles, because we're about to blow your weed-loving mind with legit marijuana-infused deep fried chicken that not only tastes delicious, but also gets you ripped. Oh, and it was invented right here in Montreal, thus adding to all the awesome.

Mook Life chef and disc jockey MasterBeater created this fusion of food and cannabis, with the full story and rundown originally posted on the Mook Life website here. We actually found this tender piece of cannabis/chicken culture from the Vulgar Chef, so we say thank you to both for making us aware an edible of this sort even existed.

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Photo cred - David Lebovitz

No dip in existence holds a candle to guacamole. Superior to salsa, better than baba ghanouj, greater than ranch, nothing solves a munchies craving quite like guacamole. No one has ever said the words "there's too much guacamole" for good reason, and now the best snack ever has gotten even better, through the magic of cannabis.

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Get your mouths ready for a whole 'nother kind of wake and bake, which, to be fair, requires no actual baking, but still involves a sweet breakfast treat that'll get you stoned. Prepare your kitchen and free up your Saturday morning so you can get on making these French Toast Canna-Stix, a breakfast, dessert, and edible all in one delicious package.

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Photo cred - Kiva Confections

Eatables are becoming more and more trendy, especially across the border where weed is actually legal in some states. The Golden State was the first to make it legal (for which we salute them) and has been dispensing marijuana in many shapes and sizes including these artisanal chocolates choc-full of THC power.

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