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In a hypothetical showdown between Montreal millennials and boomers, the millennials would finally have the upper hand — at least numerically.

Census data shows millennials outnumbering baby boomers in the census metropolitan area (CMA) for the first time, Statistics Canada announced Wednesday. The same is true in Toronto, Vancouver and Ottawa-Gatineau.

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Old Montreal restaurant L'Auberge Saint-Gabriel is one of the most haunted places in Canada, according to a very scientific study by Casino en ligne.

The restaurant came in fifth place nationally with its reports of a little girl from the 19th century, among other ghosts haunting the halls.

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Montrealers, consider yourselves lucky that the nearest fresh Montreal bagel is just a short walk or car ride away. 

That's not the case for folks in Edmonton, Alberta, who have to fly fresh bagels in on planes — which is exactly how St-Viateur wound up fulfilling its "biggest single destination shipment" ever on June 8. According to manager Nicolò Piazza, it's a new record for the city's iconic bagel shop. 

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It's no secret that the pandemic has led to many job losses in Montreal — and basically everywhere else in the world.

But a new study from the Government of Canada shows just how many Montrealers, how old they are and how our stats compare to other cities across the country.

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Homicide is a relatively rare crime in Canadian cities, at least compared to American urban centres. 

Still, homicide happens, and not always at the same rate across Canada’s major cities. 

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What do you do when your daughter's boyfriend from New Zealand is visiting the family for the winter? Give him a building project that will take a while, will look pretty, and is wholly Canadian. So basically tell him to build a multicolored igloo, which is exactly what happened to Daniel Gray, a New Zealander spending time in Edmonton with his girlfriend and his family.

The work the couple did is inspiring, partly for the hard work put in and mostly for the mesmerizing end product. Using household products, the couple made the Sistine Chapel of igloos. For real, its like they did stained glass-snow. Want to recreate their awesome snow structure? Here's the recipe:

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