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el meson

When you look at the best Mexican restaurants in Montreal, they’ve got it all, don’t they? They can make the food as spicy as you like, they’re great for both fancy dinners and cheap eats, and practically everything is better when you’re drinking a margarita.

Among all of the city’s options for Mexican food, you can consider the ones below among the best of the best. Not just for tacos (although, of course for tacos), but for every single dish, both traditional and creative that Mexican cuisine has produced: Gorditas, enchiladas, quesadillas, chorizo con queso, flautas — even chipotle-fried grasshoppers and birria ramen — and more.

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Montreal restaurants never disappoint, especially when it comes to our taco scene, and when's the best time for tacos? Taco Tuesdays!

Even though Taco Tuesday is everyone's favourite day of the week, who says the good times need to stop on Tuesdays? Check out these spots around Montreal for authentic Mexican cuisine but especially for amazing tacos any day, any time, and any place of the week. Taco-bout some good tacos, amirite?

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Yummy in everybody's tummy! Nachos are truly delicious and Montreal happens to offer amazing nacho restaurants. Most people think of nachos as an entrée but you will want all these dishes as your main meal! The restaurants listed below have the best nachos that include, melted cheese, salsa, avocados, black beans, and much more.

I can promise you that you won't have soggy nachos if you go to one of these Montreal restaurants. These Mexican style nachos are all absolutely delicious and will warm your heart. They all offer authentic home style nachos  with many different toppings. So get your nacho game on and head to one of these Montreal restaurants.

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Honestly, is there a Montreal borough more beautiful than Lachine? Don't answer that question, friends. We all know the answer already: No, there is not.

With its waterfront views, gorgeous scenery, and super fun things to do, Lachine should really be on your bucket list of places to visit in Montreal. Unless you already live there. In which case, I'd just like to say that I'm totally, 100%, not at all jealous of you. 0% jealousy from me, folks. None at all.

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Friends, real talk: after a long day of doing pretty much all that there is to do in Montreal, there's nothing that comforts me more than a nice, authentic Mexican meal.

Seriously, I don't know why I love Mexican food so much. The crispy/soft texture balances? The flavourful spices? The crisp veggies, the juicy meats, the cilantro? Who knows. All I know is that Mexican food is amazing food, and in Montreal, we're super luck to say that we've got some of the most on point Mexican restaurants around.

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Photo cred - Waisum Tam

Though Montreal is filled with delicious spreads, guacamole has always been one of our favourites. Though avocado always forms the basis of the dish, from there it's up to the chef to add the just the right ratio of extra ingredients for a damn fine guac. While not many have acheived guacamole perfection, a select few in the city can boast having reached it. Here's Montreal's Best Guacamole.

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