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electric bus

Next time you take the bus, take a closer look because you might just be one of the lucky Montrealers who get to experience the STM's all-new electric buses . This month, the STM is testing its new fleet and allowing customers to board.

"The several weeks-long testing periods will be the first time that the public has ever boarded the vehicles, representing one of the final phases of performance validation before the official commissioning," the STM says in a press release .

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Montreal's first ever driverless buses are being tested by The STM, Transdev and Keolis Canada.

The buses will be used to connect passengers from the Botanical Gardens to the Insectarium, the Biodome, the Planetarium, and two metro stations.

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I won't bore you with a long intro, I'll simply say that the new hybrid STM buses are finally here!

Only a few Montrealers were lucky enough to ride them so far. But the pilot projects are over and the STM says that every bus they acquire from now on will be hybrid.

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You'll be seeing green on the streets of Montreal (both figuratively and literally) quite soon, as the STM, in partnership with Nova Bus, begins rolling out the city's first 100% electrically powered bus. Pair these up with the new electric taxis and we're looking at a whole new green and mean Montreal.

Part of the Cité Mobilité, of which Montreal is one of nine participating municipalities (but we are the first to launch, so yay), the pilot project aims to install sustainable technologies within the city that will increase our collective energy efficient while reducing the emission of greenhouse gasses.

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