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Health Canada has been recalling countless food items over the last few months. With the Kinder recall being amongst the biggest, Health Canada and the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) are recalling neatly a hundred candy and chocolate products due to Salmonella.

On April 29, 2022, Health Canada issued a nationwide recall on Elite brand products due to the bacteria.

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Do you have any plans for April? Well, now you do! Netflix Canada dropped its list of new releases for April 2022, and there are some totally binge-worthy options to choose from.

Although Netflix prices went up, and there's talk about fees for sharing passwords, it doesn't seem as if any of us are really going anywhere — so may as well enjoy the newest TV shows and films the streaming platform has to offer.

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From finding an oral drug to treat COVID-19 to discovering a new way to detect Alzheimer's disease, Quebec researchers have been making impressive strides lately.

Now, local scientists have achieved another "breakthrough" — this time, to help treat people living with HIV

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I often get asked the following question, "Irina, where do all the cool people hang out?" Montreal does have an "elite" group of rich kids people where everyone knows each other.  They hang out at certain bars, clubs and restaurants in our city. These places usually stand out from the rest of Montreal establishments with unique interior design, exceptional service and above-average price tags. If you're curious to know what these places are, keep reading, because I put together the ultimate list of spots where Montreal's crème de la crème likes to eat, drink and socialize.

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