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The number of Montrealers giving up some aspects of "work from home" culture and returning to their workplace at least part of the time has more than doubled since June, according to a new survey by the Montreal Board of Trade in collaboration with Léger.

Montreal Board of Trade President and CEO Michel Leblanc said in a statement that the number of people going back to the office, either full-time or part-time, has climbed from 28% in June, to 47% in August, to 61% in the current survey – which was conducted from October 26 to November 5 of this year.

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Women make up over half of the Canadian population, but when it comes to owning a business, they're seriously underrepresented — less than 16% of entrepreneurs in Canada are women.

When women do take on leadership positions, they become role models for young girls and pave the way for pay equality.

Women-led businesses also create new jobs four times faster than the national average and create companies at double the national average, so why do they account for so little of Canadian entrepreneurs?

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It's fair to say that times are tough right now, and change — whether it's financial, emotional or simply routine-related — is constant. 

One of the biggest shifts many Quebecers face these days is in employment and career opportunities, which have been ever-changing during the pandemic.

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If you got funding from one of Canada's COVID-19 benefits, including CERB, and later found out you were ineligible, you may have to pay back the government. But how?

We asked Josée Cabral, a Quebec-based tax expert at H&R Block, to explain everything you need to know about repaying CERB.

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Representatives from five of Montreal's anglophone CEGEPs and universities wrote a joint letter to Quebec's minister of higher education, Danielle McCann, demanding changes to their current working conditions.

The letter was signed by the presidents of teachers' unions at John Abbott College, Vanier College, Concordia University and McGill University as well as the vice president of the Dawson College Teachers' Union.

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One of the worst consequences of the global pandemic is the demise of numerous local and small businesses.

As a way to protect the community, most decided to shut their doors in the early stages of COVID-19, costing them valuable revenue.

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The Government of Quebec currently has a list of available jobs in Quebec reserved for immigrants of visible or ethnic minorities, as part of its "employment integration measure for newcomers who are members of visible and ethnic minorities."

Such employment offers are meant to help immigrants "gain their first work experience in Quebec in their field of expertise."

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You've probably heard by now that Halle Berry is in Montreal to film her new movie, Moonfall. You may be thinking, "Wow! That's so cool!" But you're also probably thinking, "How was she able to cross the border?"

The process that Berry personally underwent to enter the country is unclear and the Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) would not comment on specific cases.

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Some of the most rewarding jobs out there are in the health and social services network. While some of us go to work in an office all day, people in this sector dedicate their lives to improving those of others. These are our nurses, psychologists, orderly, social worker and institutional pharmacists. We go to them when we're in need, yet we often overlook what they actually do and how important their jobs actually are.

Curious to find out more about what these incredible people actually do, I reached out to 7 health professionals to learn more about their jobs.

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Summer is quickly approaching and unless you plan on begging your parents for some cash you only have one option left, you have to get a job.

In the past we've listed 10 easy summer jobs for students, but we decided that 10 just wasn't enough.

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If there's one thing we can all complain about in Montreal (well, most of us, at least) is the not-so-booming job market, at least in comparison to other major metropolitans.

2016 will be a bit different. As predicted by The Conference Board of Canada's Metropolitan Outlook: Winter 2016, Montreal will experience a serious economic boost, more than most other Canadian cities, with 26,000 new jobs created.

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If you want a job, you should probably leave Montreal and head to Canada's top performing labour market in... Guelph, Ontario?

Yeah, I'm as surprised as you, but Guelph is apparently the Canadian city when it comes to being employed, according to BMO's latest Regional Labour Market Report Card.

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