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Tucked between a bar and a Dollarama, Montrealers will be able to find a little escape to the North Pole this year. Verdun's "Enchanted Alley" is all decked out and ready to welcome visitors eager to take some cheerful holiday photos amid the doom and gloom of this year's holiday season.

The alley consists of a row of evergreens leading up to a façade decorated to look like a snowy countryside cabin.

It's specially designed to host winter photoshoots.

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Ice skating rinks can be a lot of fun but they can also get boring pretty quickly. You basically have 2 options: Skate around in a circle endlessly, or take your chances in the "pit of doom" at the center of the ice filled with a bunch of off balance children pushing chairs around.

Well you can forget about all that because Quebec now has a 12 km long labyrinth skating rink!

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Love it or hate it, the cold season is here.Just like that annoying cousin who shows up every Christmas and deliberately sits in your spot on the couch, winter has once again come to steal all the warmth and comfort from under us, reminding us that we do indeed live in an arctic climate.

We were lucky this year though, as "real" winter only hit us at the end of December, but when it did...boy did it ever make up for lost time. The city was blanketed with some 40cm of snow all at once, and while all that white stuff is unquestionably a huge pain in the ass, for a brief moment it is actually pretty enchanting. Many of you proved it in your Instagram pictures below.

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