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eugenie bouchard

Step aside Michael Meyers, it's Mariah Carey season now. While Halloween may have come and gone, we are still totally revelling in the wonderfully wild costumes many Quebec influencers wore this year.

From classic throwback and major makeup moments all the way to a Thriller flash mob, these Quebec stars certainly didn't disappoint.

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When it comes to music festivals across North America, Coachella is easily one of the biggest annual events of the year.

With countless big names attached to Coachella, including Harry Styles, Big Sean, The Weeknd, and Billie Eilish, to name only a few, it seems as if more than a few familiar faces were attending.

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Guys, seriously, how awesome is Eugenie Bouchard? She's got a whole lot of talent, a whole lot of presence, and I honestly think that the fact that she's out there doing her best makes her a huge, huge champ.

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Taylor Swift brought her amazing 1989 World Tour to the Bell Centre last night, where she rocked the stadium in front of thousands of screaming fans with her ever-popular string of pop hits.

And among those 14,000 adoring fans in attendance was Montreal's very own Genie Bouchard. Not only did the tennis pro get to witness the concert in all its glory, but she also got to go backstage and meet T-Swift herself.

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