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Among the many wonderful things that make being a Montrealer a fun and authentically Canadian experience is — you guessed it — hockey.

From its speed and tradition to, of course, its fandom, hockey is (in the opinion of most who live in the Great White North, anyway) one of the greatest sports. Montreal Canadiens fans will know this to be especially true.

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It may be hot out now, but this is Montreal, so you know it won't last very long.

And when that happens, you'll be glad you booked one of these flights ahead of time.

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As you may have heard by now, Jennifer Lawrence spent pretty much the entire summer here in Montreal filming for the Untitled Darren Aronovsky movie.

And the first story that came out after that was about the fact she was getting evicted from her Montreal Condo.

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I often get asked the following question, " Irina , where do all the cool people hang out?" Montreal does have an "elite" group of rich kids people where everyone knows each other.  They hang out at certain bars, clubs and restaurants in our city. These places usually stand out from the rest of Montreal establishments with unique interior design, exceptional service and above-average price tags. If you're curious to know what these places are, keep reading, because I put together the ultimate list of spots where Montreal's crème de la crème likes to eat, drink and socialize.

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Canada will host electronic royalty in 2014 as the illustrious, renowned, and enigmatic British band The Prodigy have announced an exclusive Canadian 2014 tour . In conjunction with ONE NIGHT WITH , The Prodigy will take a pause from working on their newest album How To Steal A Jetfighter to rock the Great White North on an e xclusive tour from February 28th to March 22nd. The Prodigy will not play in any other nation until their official world tour 4 month later, because they (rightly) think Canadian fans rock. Official city locations and dates have yet to be revealed, but rest assured, The Prodigy will play Montreal .

The Prodigy gained North American notoriety back in 1997 for hit singles 'Firestarter' and 'Smach My Bitch Up,' having already torn up the British music scene for 7 years. Original band members Liam Howlett, Keith Flint, and Maxim have continued to keep electronic music alive, with their last album Invaders Must Die proving The Prodigy is still at the cutting edge of high energy and raw music. Accompanied by live member Leo Crabtree and Rob Holliday, The Prodigy's Canadian tour will surely be an ecstatic and mesmerizing music experience.

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