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Last week, I wrote an article about what it's like to be a young mommy. The article got so much great feedback and one of the readers suggested for me to write a male alternative on the same subject matter. What a wonderful idea!

So I got in touch with Eric McCarty, writer and contributor for Narcity Montreal. He's a single dad to a handsome little boy. What is it really like to be a young dad, I hear you ask? Let's find out together.

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Elie Abenhaim, 5 years old has been abducted by mother without legal custody to unknown location in France.

Father, Jacob Abenhaim has not seen or heard from his son in over 11 months to date.

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That's right! Carey Price and his wife Angela Price are expecting their first born child in late April according to several media outlets as well as sports journalist Tony Marinaro tweeting the news yesterday night!

Carey Price and the Montreal Canadiens are currently ridding a 7 game unbeaten streak to begin the season so this is just another huge chunk of positive news.

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Photo Cred -  Billy Farrell/BFAnyc/Sipa USA

Theophilus London will be in Montreal on Thursday at Le Belmont for a show with Father and DOJA CAT. With all the hype around the international artist right now on social medias we are seriously wondering if we will be blessed by West's presence this week.

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Yesterday, Reddit user narcolepsyinc uploaded a video to YouTube of his daughter and him lip syncing the oh so popular song "Love is an open door" performed by Kristen Anderson-Lopez and Robert Lopez in the Disney Movie "Frozen".

What comes next is quite unexpectedly adorable.

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To guess a person's age, just look at the clothes they're wearing. Fashion (other than wrinkles) is one of the best tell tales of how old a person is, or what generation they hail from. Skinny jeans just aren't a thing for old people.

Singaporean artist and photographer Qozop’s photo series 'Spring-Autumn' plays with the link between age and clothing, as he shows elderly grandparents switching outfits with their youthful grandchildren.

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