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Last week marked the soft launch of the revamped MTL Blog website, taking us back to our essence as a local publication devoted to forging a deeper bond between you and the vibrant city of Montreal.

We've poured our hearts into building a solid foundation, and today, we're thrilled to also introduce Milla, our fresh fintech brand and platform that powers the MTL Blog logged-in experience. It's a game-changer for our registered and Pro users, unveiling a myriad of exciting features.

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Whether we need to hop in our cars and get some groceries done, take a little drive to clear our heads, or get creative and organize a drive-by event for loved ones, it goes without saying that we've all found new ways to appreciate our vehicles in 2020. 

No matter what you may have used your car for this year, or what you will use it for in 2021, one thing's for sure : you want a safe and reliable vehicle that also looks good. A car that checks all of those boxes and many more? The all-new Hyundai Elantra.

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The sudden rise of remote work has expanded opportunities for Montrealers. Almost overnight, it became possible for some city-weary workers to keep up their jobs in the metropolis from anywhere they choose. That situation has made homes for sale in the Quebec regions even more appealing.

For some, leaving Montreal has become a real possibility for the first time — and opportunities abound to make it happen.

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Montreal's Old Port Ferris wheel has been slowly taking shape over the last few months, but now it's nearly complete and it will soon be open to the public. 

But this isn't just a boring old wheel with metal cages, like the Ferris wheels you're used to. It's a luxury observation wheel and a world-class recreational tourist installation.

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