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ferris wheel

Montreal is an amazing looking city, so it's no wonder we have a ton of observation points so we can enjoy the view from every angle. 

There's the lookout, the Belvederre lookoutand the 3rd secet lookout not many people know about

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We waited, and we waited, but it looks like Montreal’s “La Grande Roue” ferris wheel won’t be open to riders for the rest of the month. 

Announced yesterday, officials in charge of the 60-meter metallic wheel said the ferris wheel will remain closed at least until the end of August, reports JDM.

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This year, Montreal announced that a massive Ferris wheel was going to be installed in the Old Port this June and everyone was justifiably excited.

C'est nul autre que Julien Demonchy @jucaphotography qui nous partage cette superbe photo // It's no other than Julien Demonchy @jucaphotography that shared this superbe shot with us. #GrandeRoueMTL #granderoue

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Montreal's Old Port Ferris wheel has been slowly taking shape over the last few months, but now it's nearly complete and it will soon be open to the public. 

But this isn't just a boring old wheel with metal cages, like the Ferris wheels you're used to. It's a luxury observation wheel and a world-class recreational tourist installation.

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No matter what, Montrealers will have fun outside, even when the weather is bitterly cold. Montreal En Lumière proves that fact each and every year, and 2016 is no exception, as citizens flocked to Quartier des Spectactles to take in all there is to do at the festival.

With so many free activities and events, including giant glow slides, a multicoloured ferris wheel, and an urban zipline, it isn't hard to see why Montrealers were so jazzed to dive into the magic that is Montreal En Lumière.

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If you’re looking for something to do this summer and you don’t want to break the bank, then you might want to give La Ronde a try. With record-breaking rides and rollercoasters that will have your heart jumping right out of your chest, it’s a great way to spend the weekend. But before you decide to go, here are 10 things you probably didn’t know about Montreal’s resident theme park.

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