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Montreal sure is filled with inspirational people that we see on the news, and one of them happens to be Nalie Agustin, a young woman battling cancer. She was first diagnosed in 2013 with stage 2B Breast Cancer at the age of 24.  She went through 16 rounds of chemotherapy and had a mastectomy on her left breast which was followed by 29 rounds of radiation. She shared this story on her YouTube channel, instagram, and blog and a year later was cancer free!

via @nalieagustin

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Dave Leduc, also known as Dave "The Nomad" Leduc, is a 24 year old professional K-1 and Muaythai Fighter from Gatineau who decided to sell everything he had and move to Thailand this year. He followed his dreams and never looked back afterwards. Beaches, temples, food... you can't not fall in love with Thai lifestyle.

This year, the very first Thai Boxing event was supposed to take place at Tohu in Montreal with a Cirque du Soleil performance and a beautiful gala scheduled for the night. However, a day before the event, Quebec government decided to cancel it.

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Mike Ricci is a Canadian mixed martial artist. He has already competed for the Ultimate Fighting Championship and also fought in Bellator Fighting Championships. You have probably seen him in The Ultimate Fighter: Team Carwin vs. Team Nelson, a reality television series, where he won the title Knockout of the Season.

Ever thought about what it's like to be a professional fighter? Here's a sneak peek into Mike Ricci's private life.

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Every kid knows that there's nothing sweeter than the feeling of kicking your friend's ass at video games. The only thing better would be to get paid while doing so. Well my friends, stop dreaming and start registering for the biggest fighting game event of the summer.

eSports MTL proudly presents the Back To School Battle Royal taking place on September 12th @ 2313 Ste-Catherine West. 

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