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fine dining

Looking for a dining experience in Montreal that makes your winter night turn into a unique experience? This unique Italian restaurant in Griffintown will amaze you with not only its sumptuous decor but also its fine dining cuisine.

Le Richmond transformed their terrasse into a winter wonderland which is perfect for a memorable date night or to celebrate a special occasion with your friends and family. The cozy lights and ambiance replicate your favourite winter movie scene while the authentic flavours transport you straight to Italy.

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No matter your budget, Montreal has an array of restaurants that will fit your spending needs. Maybe you only have $5 to spend on dinner, or a slightly-higher twenty dollar restaurant budget.

That's definitely the reality for many of us, but not all, because there are Montreal restaurants solely reserved for the ritzy, or those who want to pretend like they are for a night. If you're like me, you probably fall into that latter category, saving up for weeks to spend on a single evening of fine dining.

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The list is back! What list you ask? Well ladies and gents, I have decided to take the term foodie to another level. You saw it for best dinner places, and now I've got the trendiest spots with incredible specialities that will make you call up an ex, just so you have a date to take to to one of these places.

Just a couple months into 2016, and there's already so many new restaurants to dine at. This is SO exciting! Feast yourselves with Montreal's finest...Eat at your own risk.

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Photo cred - Greasy Spoon

It doesn't really matter what area of the city you choose, Montreal is full of great restaurants of all kinds to suit all tastes. That said, if you ever find yourself in the quiet, residential neighbourhood of Outremont, make sure you check out Laurier Street West if you are feeling hungry.

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