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flea market

Welp, COVID-19 strikes again. The pandemic has been an infamously difficult time for businesses that haven't been able to transition to online sales, including Finnegan's Market — Hudson's flea market and Montreal's antiquing destination for nearly 50 years.

It's no surprise that Finnegan's Market was affected by the pandemic. While online antiquing has its charm — and many of the market's vendors have their own websites — there's nothing like treasure hunting in person, which over the last two years has been intermittently impossible.

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Montreal's beloved fall flea market, Puces POP, is back with a fall 2021 edition.

It features over 120 independent local artisans and takes place over the course of two weekends, starting September 17.

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Let's face it, dates can get boring and repetitive, especially in the colder months. Nothing wrong with cuddling and marathoning How I Met Your Mother but hopefully this list gives you some fresh ideas on how to spend the next few chilly months with your significant other.

Whether you live on the West Island or somewhere downtown, any of these dates are doable so go try them out!

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Enjoying the summer weather is an important part of Canadian culture. We have to appreciate it while it's here, and Montrealers are very good at doing just that. But going all-out every weekend can sometimes leave your wallet feeling quite depleted, so there needs to be a cheaper alternative for summer outings. Here is a list of casual activities available throughout the city all summer long.

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