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flight delays

In the early evening of December 6, an individual broke the rules and walked onto the tarmac at Montreal's YUL Pierre-Elliott-Trudeau International Airport, forcing authorities to delay several flights.

ADM Aéroports de Montréal confirmed to MTL Blog that a person entered the restricted "apron" (tarmac) area, but no potential explanation for this offence was given. The culprit was rapidly stopped by ADM Airport Security and transferred to the SPVM.

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WestJet announced early on July 14 that an outage is affecting the airline's airport check-in, flight planning and payment services in airports across Canada and abroad — a situation that is causing major flight delays.

This only adds further salt to travellers' wounds, with many hit by flight delays and cancellations by many Canadian and other airlines or stuck in airport lineups, or lineups to get passports in order to travel.

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The airline industry isn't looking too hot as countless flights throughout Canada have been cancelled or delayed.

Last month, Air Canada announced that it would be cutting nearly 10,000 flights across July and August.

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Hurricane Irma may be relatively far away from Canada but that doesn't mean we won't feel it's effect. 

According to the latest news, Irma isn't expected to reach Canada but it will come very close. Lucky for us it's going to weaken as it reaches the southern parts of Ontario and Quebec. So we might see some freaky weather, but nothing close to a hurricane. 

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