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Montreal is filled with unique places to take a date to! Not only are these places you have probably never heard of before, but they also hold new activities that will help keep the fun going in your relationship. From relaxing, to flying, and to high energy activities, there is definitely something on this list for every type of date!

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A group of Montrealers got a little inventive over the weekend and did what pretty much no one would ever think to do, and crafted a boat of sorts out of a picnic table and floated it down the Lachine Canal.

Complete with a motor and a pirate ship-esque flag, the boat was able to hold up 8 people as they sailed their way down the canal in the sunshine this weekend.

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Montreal loves art. Just look at the amazing sculptures, festivals and installations that happen on the regular. You can't deny it, and why would you even want to? Living in a city, rich in culture and spectacle, opens your eyes to the unknown. The only problem is that seeing all of these incredible things all the time, it can sometimes take a lot to wow us.

Well, prepared to be wowed.

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Photo cred - Pet Luck

You may remember reading about thepoor dog stranded on a hunk of ice on the St. Lawrence River that was left to fend for itself, as local authorities reportedly deemed the animal not their responsibility.

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