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Being the Canadian city with the most rageful drivers, the best food in Canada and the ever-present existence of the Office québécois de la langue française (OQLF), there's bound to be some friction — which means there's been no shortage of news coming out of Montreal

Amid a divisive relationship between anglophones and francophones, crumbling infrastructure and questionable climate action, compiling some of the wildest Montreal stories in history was no small feat.

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The flooding in Quebec has gotten out of control.

Municipalities are extending the state of emergency, at least one victim is confirmed, thousands of people have been forced to abandon their homes and according to Phillippe Couillard, it might take until the end of May before things get back to normal. 

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The weather hasn't been very cooperative lately. 

We're beating rainfall records every day, the flooding just keeps getting worse, and now the city of Montreal has declared a state of emergency. 

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Ever since Montreal's "super hospital" opened, things have been seemingly anything but super. In fact, is seems like there's been nothing but a never-ending string of issues popping up, from staffing shortages to faulty wiring in operating rooms. Well now there's one more things to add to the list: black sewage water seeping out of floor drains and pooling in patient's rooms and staff bathrooms.

According to a report from The Gazette, an employee of the hospital said that there are floor drains in every room and many of them have begun overflowing with sewer water that smells "worse than rotten fish," which seems like a polite way of saying it smells like shit.

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