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food truck festival

Update: This event has been postponed until August, due to possible inclement weather.

In a mashup of culinary creation and style, Montreal food truck festival Festin sur Roues is breaking tradition and heading north. Just a 30-minute drive from the city, the event offers a refreshing mix of retail therapy and street food.

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Here in Montreal we love our festivals. There's basically a festival for every single thing you could ever think of. But we all know what the best kinds of festivals are: FOOD! 

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It's that time of year again in Montreal where the city is literally packed to the brim with super fun festivals. Walk down almost any street downtown and you're guaranteed to bump right into a crazy festival you've never heard of before.

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Photo cred - Cuisine De Rue Montréal

October is nearly here, and the end of September will also mark the end of Montreal's second season of food trucks. The last official day to get street eats will be on October 5th, so make sure to enjoy the convenient deliciusness of Montreal's mobile food vendors while you can, and what better way than at a food truck mini block party?

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