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free event

Ladies and gentlemen, it's time to get your tuxedos and your ballgowns ready, because the classiest event in Montreal is about to take place. 

Mount Royal will be hosting a very special free outdoor concert next month. 

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The city of Montreal is not one to slow down during the winter season. Right when the majority of us feel the strong temptation to go into hibernation and wait out what’s left of the dark, cold days, Montréal en Lumière hits the streets.

This year will be no exception and for the first time, Montréal en Lumière will be hosting Illuminart, an incredible outdoor urban museum. This major addition to the festival is the new must-see element of wintertime in Montreal.

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While the cold season invariably brings with it a bunch of stuff we more or less appreciate, Montreal definitely knows how to entertain us with awesome events, and at least keep us distracted during the big freeze. Well we just got word of the first big event of the season, hitting the city this December 5. Best part is, it's FREE!

EMPIRE CITY TROOPERS returns to Saint-Denis Street, sporting the longest urban snowboard course in Canada, where some of the best athletes in North America will compete in a unique slopestyle-type course, with a $15,000 grand prize awarded to the winner.

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Photo cred - Steve Louie for Pop Montreal

POP Montreal has done it again. No, not with a series of shows and performances from musicians and artists you've never heard of, we mean they're bringing back free beer for the second time during this year's festival.

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Marché des Possibles, the urban mini-festival held every weekend in Mile End, is making its final Friday event extra awesome. In collaboration with Yelp Montreal and Blue Skies Turn Black, Marché des Possibles will be giving out free beer and cocktails!

Sounds too good to be true, we know, and there are some basic logistics to the free drank. All you need to do is RSVP for the event on Yelp, using your Yelp account. Only legit accounts with a real name and photo will be added to the free drink list, which takes two seconds and is totally worth it for a free brew or cocktail. You can register here.

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