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free metro

In Montreal, up until recently, pretty much the only time when you could enjoy free public transportation was on the night of Montreal en Lumieres. 

However this year, to celebrate Montreal's 375th anniversary, we got an entire free STM weekend so that people could enjoy all the activities the city had to offer. Then during Fomula E, we got another one. 

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Some big news just dropped from the STM's facebook page!

Apparently you won't just have Free BIXI to look forward to this week, because the bus and metro will be 100% free in Montreal  all weekend long!

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Yesterday there was an opinion piece in The Gazette about how Montreal's public transit network should be free.

The argument was that as expensive as it would be to provide free transit for the entire city, we would make that money back in other ways.

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It's become one of the biggest events in Montreal, and it's pretty much the only thing we have to looks forward to for the next little while. I'm talking of course about Igloofest.

The outdoor winter music festival party takes place every year in the Old Port of Montreal and this year is going to be bigger and better than ever.

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