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free museum day

Montreal is a metropolis that boasts over 50 museums, cultural centers and heritage sites. There is so much to see and do, that choosing which one to visit is simply impossible. 

Well now you won't have to choose, because you can visit at least 8 Montreal museums for free in October 

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This is the weekend many Montrealers have been waiting for!

The weather will be nice, the BIXI bikes will be free on Sunday and thanks to Montreal's Free Museum Day (Sunday, May 28th) and the Great Gardening Exhibit at the Botanical Gardens (Friday, May 26th), there are a ton of amazing activites you can take advantage of without spending a penny. 

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I don't know about you, but for me, the perfect day in Montreal always includes a visit to some kind of museum. 

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Last week, we announced that the Botanical Garden was going to be FREE on Friday May 26th.

Well now you'll be able to visit the Biodome for FREE in as well, On May 28th. 

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Get excited Montreal because FREE museum day is nearly upon us which means you'll be able to attend Montreal's Museum of Fine Arts absolutely free of charge. 

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